Abu Dhabi


One rare destination that is a microcosm of the region is the beautiful country of Oman. In only 36 years Oman has come out of the middle ages and into the future. Modern transport, health and education infrastructures have emerged revealing a land of friendly people and dramatic landscapes.

Oman shines as the cultural haven of the Gulf Region The Cradle of Civilisation, the Gulf Region, is known for it's rich cultural heritage and backdrop of stunning coastlines, mountains, fertile plains and sandy deserts. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their roots in the region and the buildings of worship are some of the world's most remarkable structures. The Gulf Region is fast becoming the hottest destination around.


Although it remains in many ways one of the most traditional countries in the region, it's often more outward looking than it is given credit for.

Boasting 6,000 years of history and culture, stunning landscapes, mountains and over 1,700km of coastline, it comes as no surprise that in less than four years, Oman has put itself firmly on the top ten destination wish lists for visitors as a truly unique experience in the region.

The number of Brits holidaying in Oman has more than quadrupled since 2003 from 25,000 people to 115,000 people. However, managing growth is paramount to the country's future, keeping it on the map as something completely unique and environmentally sustainable.

Oman has a very young, dynamic, well educated population and 60% Omanisation rule that ensures visitors meet and work with Omanis and giving it a very bright future.